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ULL (Ultra-Low Latency) Architectures for Electronic Trading

Develop advanced skills in architecting electronic trading (ET) and market data applications for ultra-low latency (ULL), for competitive advantage, and for positive ROI. This course will be both instructional and hands-on (in-class and some homework), and it will enable you to catapult your skills in multiple facets of ULL ET.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A strong understanding of relevant ultra-low latency technologies, including hardware acceleration, FPGAs, application design, kernel tuning, real-time analytics, servers, and networks
  • The ability to architect electronic trading applications per business requirements, including conducting ROI analysis for new infrastructures
  • Knowledge of how to leverage machine learning for electronic trading

Ideal for

  • Strategic infrastructure and application architects, engineers, and product and project managers
  • System administrators, developers, production support, and QA analysts with intermediate skills in Linux, servers, networks, bash, FIX, and market data protocols

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