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Producing Fundamentals

Explore many of the creative, executive, and technical (line producing and production management) responsibilities involved in each phase of production, development, preproduction, postproduction, and distribution to gain an overview of the producer’s core responsibilities. Examine the nuts and bolts of production, such as raising money and securing permissions, finding a story and developing a script, choosing a director and hiring actors, and marketing your project. Learn how the underlying principles of film can be applied to, and adapted for, television and other entertainment media. Grapple with challenging questions about determining the worth of the story, defining target audiences, and projecting production and marketing costs. As a current or aspiring producer, learn how to chart the most promising path toward achieving your goals. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business of entertainment, and learn to successfully engage in all related aspects of global production. Learn to create the relationships that the most successful producers have with the various participants in the motion picture industry and to direct relationships with domestic and foreign studios, agencies, attorneys, talent, completion guarantors, banks, and private investors. Chart opportunities to get started as a producer.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The skills necessary to identify, develop, and market creative material appropriate for film, television, and the Internet
  • The knowledge and collaborative skills necessary to produce a film or media project from start to finish
  • An in-depth understanding of the business elements of producing, including production management, intellectual property, rights and issues, financing, marketing, and distribution

Ideal for

  • Individuals seeking a deep dive into the business, legal, and organizational aspects of the entertainment industry
  • Individuals seeking to work in film, TV, or new media production
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