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  • Focuses on Shooting and Postproduction
  • Provides a Collaborative Experience
  • Develops Storytelling and Cinematic Skills

There is no better place to learn about filmmaking than NYC, which has seen tremendous growth in industry-related jobs and projects over the last five years. These courses provide fundamental and advanced instruction in shooting in high-definition, as well as postproduction editing. Working in small production crews, you will learn to write, produce, direct, and edit projects, developing finished pieces for your demo reel.

Learn more about the Certificate in Filmmaking.

Double-System Filmmaking Workshop: Shooting and Postproduction Techniques

Gain hands-on experience shooting using the double system, whereby you capture image and sound separately and synchronize them later.

2019 Summer
1 section

Digital Cinematography: Camera Techniques and Lighting

Gain hands-on experience as a cinematographer by using lighting, composition, and camera movement to create a film’s visual look.

2019 Summer
1 section

Introduction to Filmmaking Workshop: Shooting and Postproduction

Work in a small production crew to write, produce, direct, and edit a short film project.

2019 Summer
1 section

Introduction to Producing Films and TV

In this hands-on workshop, explore the numerous facets of a producer’s role by producing a real or hypothetical film of TV project of your own.

2019 Summer
1 section

Writing and Directing the Short Film

Learn the fundamentals of screenwriting and preproduction by writing and preparing to direct a five-minute short film.

2019 Summer
1 section

Multimedia Storytelling

Receive a comprehensive overview of multimedia storytelling and gain practical experience in all facets of digital story production.

2019 Summer
1 section

Digital Filmmaking Intensive

This accelerated course develops the creative talents of aspiring filmmakers in the essential aspects of today’s digital film technologies.

2019 Summer
1 section

Mastering Documentary Filmmaking: From Concept to Distribution Across Digital Platforms

Gain practical experience in the various techniques and styles of documentary filmmaking.

2019 Summer
2 sections

Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn the basic tools of Premiere Pro, and develop an understanding of editing fundamentals.

Advanced Filmmaking Workshop

Work with a team of classmates to shoot a short film and take it through the postproduction stage to a finalized digital film.

Commercial Producing in the Digital Space

Gain a practical understanding of online video producing, from the commercial pitching process all the way through invoicing and wrap-out.

Cross-Platform Video Content Creation: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Learn how to make and edit one video for the disparate audiences of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Editing: Final Cut Pro

Learn the basic tools of Final Cut Pro and develop an understanding of editing fundamentals using provided footage.

Fundamentals of Filmmaking

Explore the theories and tools of filmmaking, from cameras to postproduction visual effects.

Media Production Cost Management

Learn everything you need to know about the management, control, and cost reporting of media and content production expenses.

Producing Comedy Videos

Make your own short comedy video, and get exposure to the full production process, from writing the script to distributing the final product.

Producing Fundamentals

Gain an overview of a producer’s core creative, executive, and technical (line producing and production management) responsibilities.

Creative Video Production: Digital Marketing Strategy

In this intensive workshop, gain firsthand collaborative experience in short-form original content creation for brands and companies.

Reaching for Representation: Agents, Managers, and Lawyers for Film and TV Writers

Learn how the services provided by managers, agents, and lawyers differ and how these keys figures can help to launch your film or TV writing career.

The Art of the Pitch: Film and TV

Create and hone your own three- to five-minute teaser pitch for a film or TV project, and learn how to sell yourself and your project.

Travel Storytelling: Creating Video Content

Learn firsthand industry knowledge from famed travel storyteller Michaela Guzy, founder of Oh The People You Meet, and other experts.