Global Hotspots Through Foreign Film: Stay-at-Home Edition

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Seeing is believing, and foreign films give us the experience of traveling beyond borders without a plane ticket. The journey begins with the screening of eight award-winning foreign films from Colombia and other countries that examine global hotspots in conflict. These award-winning, powerful films serve as a catalyst for our post-screening discussions about foreign film, as well as present-day issues in the film’s geopolitical region and how the film reflects different cultures and global issues. You will watch the films on your own and then meet online for lively and informative discussions. For the last session, the class is invited for an in-person, private briefing at the Mission of Colombia to the United Nations hosted by the Deputy Ambassador. Spring 2023 tuition is $749.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Increased cultural literacy
  • A deeper understanding of geopolitical conflicts
  • The ability to interpret and analyze films

Ideal for

  • History and geography aficionados
  • All members of the community—working, retired, and in between
NO open sections available for this course at the moment. Please check back next semester.