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Film Studies

  • Builds Understanding of Cinematic Storytelling
  • Analyzes and Discusses Films
  • Develops Cultural Aptitude

Whether your goal is to write a screenplay, work in the film industry, or simply explore and enjoy cinematic stories, these courses develop skills essential for analyzing and discussing films. Be transported to diverse cultures and historic periods through films.

This Fall, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Cerebral Cinema: Films of the Coen Brothers

Explore the Coen Brothers’ films and artistic process.

2021 Fall
1 section

Hollywood Goes To Washington

Explore the role of politics and the depictions of politicians on film.

2021 Fall
1 section

The Best Films You Probably Haven't Seen: Special Stay-at-Home Edition

Watch (from home) and discuss (together online) a variety of terrific movies you may have missed but are definitely worth seeing.

2021 Fall
2 sections

Bon Appétit: Food on Page and Screen

Explore the ways authors and filmmakers have used food to explain and interrogate realities of the human experience.

2021 Fall
1 section

Global Hotspots Through Foreign Film: Stay-at-Home Edition

Watch powerful foreign films that serve as catalysts for online discussions about present-day issues in the associated geopolitical regions.

2021 Fall
1 section

Let's Go to the Movies: Stay-at-Home Edition

Watch several specially selected films on your own and meet online for a lively discussion about what makes these films exceptional works of art.

2021 Fall
1 section

Fine-Tune Your French Through Film

Improve your knowledge of French by watching contemporary French language films and TV series and then engaging in lively discussions about them.

2021 Fall
1 section

History and Memory in Contemporary Latin American and European Cinema

Explore groundbreaking contemporary Latin American and European films and the true stories behind them.

Martin Scorsese's New York

This course looks not only at the city lives that Scorsese dramatized, but also at the gritty streets that he documented before they disappeared.

Mediterranean Cinema

Explore Mediterranean cultures through various films from the region.

The Best Films You Probably Haven't Seen: Special Short Stay-at-Home Edition

This short online film course is specifically modified to accommodate social-distancing movie lovers.

The City on Film

Explore the major cities of the world through the films that depict them.

The Hitchcock Blondes: Icons and Obsessions

Discover and discuss Hitchcock’s complicated obsession with feminine power and the portrayal of women in his films.

The West on Film

Explore films that depict the American West, from the classic Western to modern Hollywood movies.


Explore the genre of afrofuturism through literature, shows, and films including Get Out and Black Panther.

American Gothic: Films of the Midwest

Explore films depicting the American Midwest, discussing the movies, directors, history, and themes that distinguish them from other films.