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Film Studies

  • Builds Understanding of Cinematic Storytelling
  • Analyzes and Discusses Films
  • Develops Cultural Aptitude

Whether your goal is to write a screenplay, work in the film industry, or simply explore and enjoy cinematic stories, these courses develop skills essential for analyzing and discussing films. Be transported to diverse cultures and historic periods through films.

This Summer, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Hollywood's Private Eyes

Explore depictions of the private detective in six hard-boiled films.

2020 Summer
1 section

Let's Go to the Movies: Stay-at-Home Edition

Watch several specially selected films on your own and meet online for a lively discussion about what makes these films exceptional works of art.

2020 Summer
1 section

New York on Film

Examine the diverse ways that New York City has been presented on film, from the silent era to the 1970s.

2020 Summer
2 sections

The Best Films You Probably Haven't Seen: Special Stay-at-Home Edition

Watch (from home) and discuss (together online) a variety of terrific movies you may have missed but are definitely worth seeing.

2020 Summer
2 sections

The Life of the Mind: Movies About Writers

In this course, explore the myriad depictions of writers in cinema.

2020 Summer
1 section

Travel in Film

Reflect on the theme of travel in several contemporary international films.

2020 Summer
1 section

"Slapshtick": Modern Jewish Humor in the Movies

Explore Jewish comedians’ crucial place in modern American pop culture, including six filmmakers who pushed the limits of comedy.

Auteur Cinema: Agnes Varda

Examine the films of Agnès Varda, mother of the French New Wave, as well as her relationship with paintings, photographs, and digital media.

Cinema Paradiso: A Cinematic Journey Through Italy

Explore Italian films from the neorealist movement to contemporary Oscar winners.

Darker Side of Noir: From The Wrong Man to The Killers

Go beyond the private eye and femme fatale and discover six varying kinds of noir films.

Dysfunctional Families on Film

Explore the dynamic of dysfunctional family relationships as inspiration for moviemakers.

Espionage on Film

Explore a variety of espionage films and discuss how each reflects society at the time it was created.

Let's Go to the Movies

Examine a wide range of films and engage in lively discussions about what makes each a truly exceptional work of art.

Paris on Screen: City of Light, Love, and Terror

Explore the many ways in which Paris is depicted in films.

The Best Films You Probably Haven't Seen

Screen and discuss a variety of terrific movies you may have missed but are definitely worth seeing.

There's No Business Like Show Business: A Spotlight on Entertainers

Examine various film protagonists who are entertainers, and explore the fears, desires, and relationships of these characters.

Two National Cinemas: Poland and Iran

Explore the political, social, and cultural environments of two very different nation states—Iran and Poland—through six movies.

Global Hotspots Through Foreign Film

Watch powerful foreign films that serve as catalysts for post-screening discussions about present-day issues in the associated geopolitical regions.

History of American Television: The Sitcom

Explore the evolution of the American situation comedy and analyze popular sitcoms from different eras.