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Film Studies

  • Builds Understanding of Cinematic Storytelling
  • Analyzes and Discusses Films
  • Develops Cultural Aptitude

Whether your goal is to write a screenplay, work in the film industry, or simply explore and enjoy cinematic stories, these courses develop skills essential for analyzing and discussing films. Be transported to diverse cultures and historic periods through films.

The Western on Film

Learn about the Western film genre and examine how it has evolved over time.

2019 Summer
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International Films: Perspectives on Motherhood

Each week, analyze a theme related to the mother characterization in cinema, and reflect on its application in films from various countries.

2019 Summer
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The American Political Film: From All the President's Men to Vice

This class will explore American political films alongside their social and political contexts.

2019 Summer
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From Night of the Living Dead to Get Out: George Romero and the Revolution of the Modern Horror Film

Watch landmark horror films in class and discuss them, with a special emphasis on interpreting them as expressions of sociopolitical anxieties.

2019 Summer
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Decoding Stanley Kubrick: Inside the Man and His Movies

Explore films by controversial and contradictory director Stanley Kubrick, including Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, and Eyes Wide Shut.

France on Film: A Historic Perspective from France's Great Film Directors

Watch classic French films and reflect on how they are responsible for creating a mythologized understanding of French history.

Hitchcock's Villains

Watch some of Alfred Hitchcock’s most compelling masterpieces, and explore their complex social and moral themes.

Let's Go to the Movies

Examine a wide range of films and engage in lively discussions about what makes each a truly exceptional work of art.

The Best Films You Probably Haven't Seen

Screen and discuss a variety of terrific movies you may have missed but are definitely worth seeing.

The Best Long Films Well Worth Your Time

Watch and discuss six epic films that run longer than the standard-length feature film.

The Best of Italian Films of the Last 20 Years

Explore the social and cultural meanings and cinematic style of contemporary Italian films.

The Films of Billy Wilder and William Wyler

Explore the remarkable lives and films of two icons of the Hollywood Golden Age—Billy Wilder and William Wyler.

The Films of George Cukor: From Little Women to My Fair Lady

Explore the life and work of George Cukor, Hollywood’s original “actor’s director.”

The War Film: From the Battlefield to the Home Front

View and discuss eight films that depict war, both on the battlefield and at home.

Visions of America on Film

Explore how America has been portrayed on film by six excellent directors.

Jewish History and Experience on Film

Explore the rich history of Jewish cinema and uncover a diverse array of experiences and emotions.