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Acting, Producing, and Directing for TV Writers

It is said that you can never truly know how someone else feels until you’ve walked in his or her shoes. In this course, a three-part participatory workshop, gain important insights into the world of creating television—and, in particular, your role as TV writer—by experiencing how actors, producers, and directors work and how your script affects their ability to do their jobs. In the acting section, learn the techniques that cast members must use to bring characters to life—and, consequently, recognize the crucial character elements, such as strong motivations and compelling conflicts, that you as the writer must provide. In the directing section, work with actors to block scenes for maximum drama and ideal camera placements, thereby improving your understanding of how to write visually compelling stories with “actable” scenes that a director can bring to life. Finally, in part three, work as a producer and consider different series ideas with an eye on marketability, budgeting, and above all, investment and profit.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to write marketable scripts
  • The skills needed to work in tandem with producers, directors, and actors
  • A deeper knowledge of how the business of creating television works from different points of view

Ideal for

  • Writers who have a working draft of a teleplay
  • Those who want to explore various roles behind and in front of the camera
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