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Film and TV Writing

  • Develops Skills for Film and TV Screenwriting
  • Provides Tips on Selling Your Work
  • Explores Job Opportunities in the Field

These courses provide you with the specialized skills needed to write a screenplay or a pilot for a film or television series. Through hands-on exercises you will gain an understanding of how the written word is translated to the screen, while becoming familiar with structure, characterization, dialogue, and scene-writing techniques. In addition, you will learn about the business aspects of the field—how to sell your writing and get your screenplay or script produced.

Summer Intensive in Television Writing

As an amateur or professional writer for television, take your writing project to the next level.

2017 Summer
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Writing the Half-Hour TV Comedy

If you are interested in writing for a comedy TV series, this course will take you from pitch to outline to completion of a half-hour spec script.

2017 Summer
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Writing the Short Film: The Fundamentals of Screenwriting

Learn the fundamentals of screenwriting, complete a solid short film script, and start planning how to film it.

2017 Summer
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Advanced Screenwriting

Develop new screenwriting material or revise a completed script, and discuss your work during private interview sessions with the instructor.

2017 Summer
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Beginning Screenwriting

Learn the basic elements of dramatic writing with an emphasis on theme, dialogue, and characterization.

2017 Summer
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Character-Driven Film and TV Script Boot Camp

Learn the basics of dramatic writing for film and TV, with an emphasis on character-driven stories generally found in independent cinema and TV.

Film and Television Reviewing and Recapping

Learn how to write effective film and television reviews and how to market them.

Reaching for Representation: Agents, Managers, and Lawyers for Film and TV Writers

Learn how the services provided by managers, agents, and lawyers differ and how these keys figures can help to launch your film or TV writing career.

Rewriting a Screenplay in 10 Weeks

If you have written a first draft of a screenplay, then this intensive workshop can guide you through the crucial process of rewriting.

Screenwriting: An Exercise-Based Approach

This complete course in screenwriting teaches you the tools of the trade and gets you writing from the first day.

The Screenwriter's Craft: Writing for Film and TV

Each week, examine the screenplay of a movie that is shown in the next class, followed by lively discussions that touch on craft elements.

The Table Read

Hold a table read of your script by casting parts, reading sections aloud, and discussing what’s working and what isn’t.

Unbreakable Principles of Comedy: From Sitcoms to Sketches

Comedy is a craft that can be learned, and this course will teach you both time-tested comedy principles and current professional techniques.

Writing Film Dialogue

Study classic films and discuss what makes dialogue authentic, and then write and workshop original scenes of your own.

Writing Your TV Pilot

Learn tools specific to writing an original pilot, whether a network procedural, a quirky web series, or an edgy comedy for cable or streaming.

Writing a Screenplay in 10 Weeks

This intensive writing course takes you from story idea to first draft of a feature-length screenplay in 10 weeks.

Writing and Developing a Series for Television

Learn all you need to fully develop and professionally present your idea for a continuing or limited series for cable, network, or the web.