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Audio and Visual Effects

  • Develops cinematic storytelling skills
  • Builds demo material
  • Combines digital effects and live action

These courses introduce you to various techniques used to create visual effects for film and television and to record and edit audio. Focus on the software used to create digital effects, as well as on the challenges involved in combining these effects with live-action footage. Practice recording techniques for a variety of media to learn how to record and edit professional-quality sound. Emphasis is placed on the development of pieces that can be used in movie trailers, opening film credits, television commercials, animated network identities, music videos, and short promos.

After Effects II

Expand your current knowledge of Adobe After Effects and take your multimedia project to the next level.

2018 Fall
1 section

Motion Graphics with Cinema 4D

Enhance your animation and visual effects skills with Maxon Cinema 4D.

2018 Fall
1 section

After Effects I

Quickly get comfortable with industry-standard Adobe After Effects and its myriad capabilities for creating and enhancing digital video.

2018 Fall
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Visual Effects Animation

Learn the fundamental tools for drawing and creating animated visual effects such as explosions, winds, water drops, and ripples.

3D Modeling with Cinema 4D

Expand your modeling skills with Maxon Cinema 4D, a vital tool for aspiring 3D artists.