Social Entrepreneurship

  • Examines Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Focuses on Building Businesses That Affect Change
  • Explores Social Innovations Across Diverse Businesses

Today business is not just about the creation of capital. The idea of “doing well by doing good” is driving industries around the world to affect change in their local communities, in cities, and on a global basis while maintaining profitable business models for stakeholders. These courses teach the foundations of social entrepreneurship, emphasizing how the “triple bottom line” has become a necessary facet for long-term business success. Skills gained will help you to create your own socially driven business venture or implement corporate social responsibility and innovation in your organization.

This semester, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Fundraising Concepts and Practices

Learn theories and concepts of fundraising, from the basics to new ideas, with applications to practical cases and situations.

2023 Fall
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Social Entrepreneurship

Learn what social enterprise is and gain the foundational skills to launch your own.

Ethics and Governance

The course will offer a broad discussion of corporate boardroom considerations, ethics in the workplace, and the issue of corporate sustainability.

Impact Investing and Financial Inclusion

Impact investors seek to generate environmental and social impacts in addition to financial returns. This course introduces you to how markets...

Public-Private Partnerships: The Role of Philanthropy

No one organization or sector has the full suite of capabilities, relationships or assets to tackle persistent and escalating social problems...