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Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurs in rapidly evolving competitive environments, as well as established firms introducing new products or services into unfamiliar or emerging markets, face multiple unknowns. Although classic marketing principles still apply in these situations, the context is very different and the target is always moving. Established business models create substantial barriers for a challenger firm with limited resources and capabilities. Examine these strategic choices through readings, case studies, and guest speakers. Explore marketing concepts, methods, and strategic issues relevant to startup and early-stage entrepreneurs competing in rapidly evolving environments, as well as to established firms introducing new products or services into unfamiliar or emerging markets. Learn the marketing theory and concepts that apply when marketing a new product or working in an entrepreneurial setting. Emphasis is placed on the special requirements for creating and executing marketing plans and programs in a setting of rapid change.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to identify suitable markets, communities, and partners to which your product offering will provide stakeholder value
  • Strategies for market reach and network engagement with early adopters and the wider market, which are vital to commercial viability and sustainability
  • The skills to implement a successful marketing strategy in an entrepreneurial setting

Ideal for

  • Individuals or employees of firms eager to identify entrepreneurial opportunities from the emerging trends that are occurring in marketing practice around the world
  • Marketing professionals who are seeking reliable and valid approaches for identifying stakeholder needs and conducting market research for new a product offering
  • Entrepreneurs who need assistance with market identification, segmentation, and engagement decisions

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