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New Venture Creation

  • Turns Ideas Into Successful Business Ventures
  • Taught by Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Builds Skills To Minimize Risk and Make Effective Decisions

Through an in-depth understanding of key business models, financial planning, business decision-making, entrepreneurial problem solving, persuasive marketing, and a passion for creation, ideas can become successful business endeavors. These courses are designed for entrepreneurs with big ideas. They teach basic skills, such as circumventing common pitfalls in the feasibility and development stages of starting a business, as well as advanced skills, such as strategically putting ideas into action for a sustainable business model.

This semester, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Entrepreneurship and the Arts

Explore the intersection of art and entrepreneurship, and acquire the knowledge needed to create your own arts-related enterprise.

2024 Summer
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Think Like an Entrepreneur

Think Like an Entrepreneur provides a rich introduction into the unique psychological, social, and cultural underpinnings of entrepreneurship....

2024 Spring
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