TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

  • Taught by experienced TESOL professionals
  • Provides innovative instruction on current teaching methods
  • Offers opportunities for hands-on practice

Taught in thousands of schools in the United States and in public and private settings in nearly every nation on Earth, English is the most widely used language in the fields of science, business, academia, and tourism and is the number-one language used on the Internet. Our teacher training courses offer the most current and essential skills needed to pursue a career or a rewarding volunteer experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Learn more about the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) .

This semester, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Classroom Assessment for Language Teachers

This course will familiarize you with classroom language assessment concepts and help you to distinguish between assessment and testing.

Classroom Teaching Techniques

In this course, acquire a basic knowledge of all aspects of becoming an effective instructor of English to speakers of other languages.

Instructional Methodology

Acquire the terminology, concepts, and teaching approaches necessary to instruct learners in the four core skill areas of language study.

Teaching Practicum

Work closely with your peers and your instructor as you teach a group of English language learners at least once a week for 60 minutes.

The Structure of Language

Examine the structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation of English, and develop the necessary skills for practical classroom applications.