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Interior Design

  • Taught by Practicing Professionals
  • Addresses Residential and Commercial Interiors
  • Builds Traditional and Computer-Aided Design Skills

There is no better place to study interior design than NYC—the design capital of the world. These courses emphasize the design of functional, aesthetic, and technically proficient environments. Sustainable practices are infused throughout the curriculum. You will learn to identify, research, and creatively solve problems pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment. Courses employ both computer-aided graphics and traditional design studio processes and methodologies.

Basic Drafting for Interior Design

Master basic drafting, space surveying, plan sketching, and information recording as used in interior design.

2018 Fall
1 section

Introduction to Interior Design in New York City: Design, Industry, and Enterprise

Learn about interior design materials, trade sources, and business practices in the context of the industry in New York City.

2018 Summer
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Design Discovery Intensive: An Introduction to the World of Interior Design

In this fast-track program, gain a foundation in interior design and learn how to conceptualize, design, and present your design ideas professionally.

2018 Summer
1 section

3D Modeling with SketchUp for Interior Design

This introduction to 3D modeling is for those in interior design who have little or no digital modeling experience.

Interior Design Trade Sources in New York City

Learn about diverse products and services available to New York interior designers and their application in residential and commercial spaces.

New York Design Innovation: Materials and Technology

Explore the physical properties and creative possibilities in the vast and ever-changing world of innovative materials and technologies.