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Startup Cities

Startup activity in the US is increasingly moving from suburban “nerdistans” back to cities, thanks to cities’ creative class appeal, amenities, and walkability. Recent research suggests that communities with supportive, entrepreneurial ecosystems—available talent, business support, capital, and inclusive environments—are more likely to attract, grow, and retain entrepreneurs and startup organizations. Around the world, cities big and small are utilizing innovative support programs, university partnerships and technology transfer programs, incubators and accelerators, and funding mechanisms to help fuel the growth of their startup communities. This course will demonstrate the importance of an ecosystem to startup businesses and will showcase various models and approaches for supporting innovation and startups in urban environments, including incubator and accelerator best practices.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of why startups and entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly attracted to urban environments
  • Knowledge of how startups and entrepreneurs can fuel regional economies and help to revitalize distressed communities
  • An understanding of the assets necessary to build a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • A catalog of best practices in startup support, ranging from incubators and accelerators to funding initiatives
  • The ability to develop a quantitative and quality analysis of a selected startup ecosystem to understand assets, challenges, and associated development strategies

Ideal for

  • Professionals interested in urban policy and economic development
  • Recent graduates or career changers considering entering the urban planning or related field
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