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Business of Cannabis

  • Explore different sectors of the Cannabis industry
  • Develop skills to transition into the Cannabis industry
  • Understand Cannabis-related policies and regulations

These courses help students foster an in-depth understanding of the cannabis industry and its professional opportunities. Students can learn about the unique aspects of the industry and how to enter the field based on their individual professional backgrounds. The courses have been designed and will be taught by industry professionals and thought leaders in the field.

Cannabis Cultivation, Cloning, Extraction, and Processing

This course will provide an overview of cannabis cultivation options, including both traditional field cultivation and in-door options, as well...

2024 Spring
1 section

Cannabis Supply Chain Management: From Seed to Sale

Trusted and consistent sourcing and operations can make or break a business. Students will learn how to identify and work with cannabis...

2024 Spring
1 section

Overview of the Cannabis Industry

This course will be of interest to entrepreneurs hoping to enter the field as well as individuals simply hoping to learn about career...

2024 Spring
1 section

Security in the Cannabis Industry

The need for security for the product, staff, and cash is a significant factor for dispensaries. Students will learn the various facets of this...

2024 Spring
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Cannabis Sales and Marketing

This course will focus primarily on luxury marketing for cannabis and related products. Students will learn about how to best market various...

Cannabis and Social Equity Policy

This course will take a deep dive into the existing and emerging cannabis-related policies of New York State. Currently the State is hoping to...

Cooking with Cannabis

Students in this course will learn techniques and recipes for using THC and CBD in their various forms. The course will review common uses and...

Finance and Cash Flow for a Cannabis Business

Since cannabis is not yet legal at the Federal level, professionals in this area need to understand the unique processes for financial...

Managing a Cannabis Dispensary and the Regulation of Operations

Starting a cannabis dispensary is similar to starting any other small business, except entrepreneurs in this area will need to understand state...

The Chemistry of Cannabis: Medicine, Wellness, and Product Use

The use and potential of medical cannabis is expanding by the day, but trusted facts are essential to ensure the best possible services for...