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  • Focuses on techniques aesthetics, and business operations
  • Examines emerging trends in photography
  • Offers instruction for all levels

Whether you want to gain basic photography skills or expand your expertise and sell your work, these courses provide you with the proficiency and techniques to transform your photographs into art. Courses for beginners provide an overview of the fundamentals of digital cameras and photographic composition. Advanced courses go beyond shutter and aperture, focusing on specific techniques and postproduction processing. Essential instruction is provided in business operations including marketing, copyrighting your work, and pricing strategies.

This Fall, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Contemporary Photography: From Markus Brunetti to Mickalene Thomas

Learn about prominent contemporary photographers and the stylistic approaches they use to depict the human body, architecture, and other subjects.

2020 Fall
1 section

From Golden Light to Blue: Photographing Sunset and Twilight in Your Neighborhood

Learn about twilight photography and create a visual journal of your own work.

2020 Fall
1 section

Mastering the Art of Street Photography

Explore street photography and learn the basic photographic, compositional, and perceptual skills it requires.

2020 Fall
1 section

Photography: The Basics

If you are new to photography and digital media, then develop these skills by taking snapshots, portraits, and street and travel photographs.

2020 Fall
1 section

The Photographic Memoir: Visual Storytelling and the Personal Archive

Learn about visual storytelling by creating a photographic memoir.

2020 Fall
1 section

Advanced Photography: Mastering Camera and Image

Refine your creative and technical skills with a camera, and further develop your understanding of the visual language of photography.

Beyond the Snapshot

Achieve your creative potential by moving beyond the automatic mode of the camera and developing the skills to take great photographs.

Photography: From Beginner to Exhibitor

Receive critiques, guidance, encouragement, and the necessary technical assistance to achieve your goals in photography.

Photography: Museum as Subject and Muse

Learn new photographic techniques while exploring and photographing New York City’s great museums.

Contemporary Photography: From Andreas Gursky to Annie Leibovitz

Learn about prominent contemporary photographers and their stylistic approaches to depicting fashion, nudes, architecture, and scenes from daily life.