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Arts Administration

  • Covers For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Arts Administration
  • Develops Financial and Managerial skills
  • Explores Audience Identification and Marketing Techniques

These courses provide the marketing, managerial, fundraising, and financial skills that are needed to succeed in arts organizations and institutions, including museums, galleries, alternative spaces, and performing arts groups. Learn to create strategic plans, to develop budgets, and to fundraise. Explore new techniques for marketing arts organizations and events.

Learn more about the Diploma in Visual and Performing Arts Administration.

Museums, Cultural Institutions, and Social Impact

Learn creative ways that arts and museum professionals engage in social impact and change, and explore the impact on the profession.

2018 Spring
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Creating and Managing Public Art

Explore the range of public art being produced, and learn about current trends and best practices in creating and managing public art.

Financing Cultural Institutions: Strategies and Challenges

Learn how cultural institutions finance their programs in light of the challenges presented by today’s competitive economic environment.

Fundraising for the Arts

Study the principles of arts fundraising, including techniques, skills, and strategies for implementing effective fundraising in challenging times.

How Online Technologies Are Changing the Art Market

Learn how technology has changed traditional arts organizations, and explore the current outlook and trends for the online art market.

Marketing the Arts

Examine what a nonprofit arts manager must know about the business of marketing for both the performing and visual arts.

Public Relations for the Arts in the 21st Century: Challenges and Solutions

Gain knowledge of PR’s changing role at arts institutions, and acquire the communication skills needed to be an arts administrator.

The Arts and Education: Designing Effective Programs

Explore the educational programs and services that arts organizations can develop with schools, the local community, and the general public.