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Art History and Architecture

  • Affords Visits to NYC Museums and Galleries
  • Examines All Media
  • Explores Style, Movements, and Forms

These courses provide a forum for exploring the world of art—from ancient artifacts and ruins to contemporary painters and photographers. You will tour New York City’s renowned museums and galleries with art historians and museum professionals, as you develop an understanding of the history, cultural context, and aesthetics of art movements and trends.

Art Styles Through the Ages: From Baroque to the 20th Century

Develop an eye for, and an understanding of, painting, sculpture, and architecture from the baroque era through the 20th century.

2019 Summer
1 section

What Is American in American Art, 1975-Present: From Protest Art to Now

Survey American art, including paintings, drawings, and sculpture, from 1975 to the present.

2019 Summer
1 section

The Art Market: How It Works (The Unvarnished Truth)

Explore the size of each sector of the global art market, dissect the processes used in each, and examine how business is conducted.

2019 Summer
1 section

A History of Portraiture and Self-Portraiture

Explore the history of portraiture and self-portraiture, from the Renaissance to today.

2019 Summer
1 section

Art Styles Through the Ages: From Cave Art to Renaissance Art

Develop an eye for, and understanding of, painting, sculpture, and architecture, and build a foundation in art history through the Renaissance.

2019 Summer
1 section

Art and Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Learn about ancient Greek culture and daily life through the examination of art and artifacts.

2019 Summer
1 section

Preservation Planning and Practice

Receive a comprehensive introduction to preservation planning in New York City.

2019 Summer
1 section

The Art Scene

Visit New York City’s museums and galleries to gain fresh insight into the meaning of and inspiration for today’s art.

2019 Summer
1 section
2019 Summer
1 section

Latin American Art: From Columbus to the Present

Gain an overview of the history and development of different artistic traditions in Latin America.

2019 Summer
1 section

Nazi Looted Art: Theft, Destruction, Return--But No Redemption?

Learn about the looting of art from Jewish artists, dealers, collectors, and regular people during World War II and subsequent restitution efforts.

2019 Summer
1 section

New York in the Jazz Age: Art Deco Architecture from Wall Street to Washington Heights

Follow art deco’s impact on Manhattan architecture, from its southern tip to its northern extreme, through a series of walking tours.

2019 Summer
1 section

The Fine Art of Writing About Art: Through the Eyes of Famous Authors

Explore art history through the written works of famous authors and critics.

2019 Summer
1 section

What Is American in American Art, 1925-1975: From Regionalism to Fluxus

Survey American art, including paintings, drawings, and sculpture, from 1925 to 1975.

2019 Summer
1 section

Fashion in Museums

Examine the suitability of fashion in museums by studying historic fashion exhibitions and taking guided tours of select fashion exhibits in New York.

2019 Summer
1 section

Americans in Paris

This course celebrates a distinguished group of 20th-century American artists, writers, and musicians who made Paris their adoptive home.

Architects Who Shaped the Decorative Arts

Learn about the influence and contributions of famous architects to furniture design and the decorative arts.

Art Styles Through the Ages

Develop your eye for and your understanding of painting, sculpture, and architecture—and build a foundation in the history of art.

Art of the American Black Experience: From Reconstruction to the Harlem Renaissance

Trace the history of African American experience from Reconstruction through the Harlem Renaissance by studying the art of these eras.

Contemporary Architecture, 1990 to Present

Explore the most important developments in architecture since the 1990s—ideas, ideologies, projects, buildings, and cities.

Demystifying the Landmarks Process

Gain an overview of how buildings are designated as landmarks and how the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s application process works.

Developing Connoisseurship: Learning to Look

Learn the art of connoisseurship, and gain an understanding of why one artist or painting is considered to be “better” than another.

German Art: From Impressionism to the Bauhaus

Learn about key German artists from 1880 to 1945 and their contribution to artistic movements, from impressionism to the Bauhaus.

German Art: From Postwar to Now

Learn about important art movements and artists in Germany from 1945 to today.

In Praise of Painting: Dutch Masterpieces at The Met

Explore masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age in conjunction with a new exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Inside "Outsider Art": New Collectors, New Exhibits

Learn about the mixed-media movement of “outsider art”—its history, influences, artists, and presence in New York collections.

Islamic Art History

Join us for a visual journey into the riches of the arts of the Islamic world.

Maternity, Motherhood, and Childcare in Art and History

Explore how maternity is portrayed in art and how art reflects the evolution of the role and status of the mother in various cultures over time.

Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy, and the Avant-Garde

Explore the artistic legacy of the most famous couples in modern art.

New York in the Jazz Age: Art Deco Architecture from Tribeca to the Upper West Side

Through five walking tours, trace the influence of the brash new style of art deco as it transformed 1920s New York City into a modern metropolis.

The Bauhaus: Modernism in Art, Architecture, and Design

Explore the historical, aesthetic, and ideological background of the Bauhaus.

The Contemporary Art World

Visit the most important exhibits currently showing in New York, and develop an understanding of the aesthetics of modern art.

The Six-Hour Art Major

Learn about studio art techniques, art history, and art appreciation in this concentrated seminar.

Touched by Fire: Van Gogh's Passion

Learn about van Gogh’s life, and discover the work of a self-taught artist who reached toward a world he could not hold but loved nonetheless.

Vienna 1900: Artistic Modernism and the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Explore the history of modernism’s fascinating artistic ferment and experimentation in Vienna and throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

What Is "Appropriate"? Changing Standards in Preservation

Learn how the Landmarks Law redefines areas by protecting their historic elements while still allowing for new construction and modifications.

What Is American in American Art: 1775-1875

This course provides a survey of American art, including paintings, drawings, and sculpture, from 1775 to 1875.

What Is American in American Art: 1875-1925

This course surveys American art, including paintings, drawings, and sculpture, from 1875 to 1925.

Islamic Art History: A Focus on Cairo

Explore the history, architecture, and artistic importance of Cairo.

A History of New York City

Gain an understanding of the history of New York City, including politics, finance, architecture, and arts, from its Native American roots to today.

Art in the Public Domain

Learn about important examples of public art in New York City and about the process behind selecting, creating, and managing these works.

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo: Icons of Modern Mexican Art

Track the lives and works of this most extraordinary couple, as well as their intense engagement in art, politics, and personal exploration.

From Impressionism to Modernism: The Making of the Modern Art Market

Look at the intersections of history and art history from the 1870s to WWII that reveal the origins of impressionism and modernism.

Manhattan History: Post-Revolutionary War to World War I

Catch the excitement of 19th-century New York City in this course, which features four illustrated lectures and four walking tours.

New York City Real Estate: A Social and Architectural History

Learn about the best and the meanest of New York City housing history, from tenements to Billionaires’ Row.

New York's Great Structures: Buildings, Bridges, Tunnels, and More

Through lectures and at least two walking tours, take a look at the best—and worst—of some quintessentially New York structures.

Seeing Things Our Way: Art as Propaganda

Explore how art has been used as propaganda from early Greece to the United States in the 20th century.

The Philosophy of Art

Explore timeless questions about art from a philosophical perspective: What is the significance of art? How is it meant to be understood?

Understanding Traditional Architecture

Learn to identify architectural styles, to put a rough date on any building you see in New York, and to name the parts and details of buildings.

Religion and Architecture in New York City

Explore how religion has impacted the history of New York City and the role of religion in the City today.