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Art History and Architecture

  • Affords Visits to NYC Museums and Galleries
  • Examines All Media
  • Explores Style, Movements, and Forms

These courses provide a forum for exploring the world of art—from ancient artifacts and ruins to contemporary painters and photographers. You will tour New York City’s renowned museums and galleries with art historians and museum professionals, as you develop an understanding of the history, cultural context, and aesthetics of art movements and trends.

This Spring, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

American Women Artists: The Rise to Professionalism, 1845-1945

Explore the art and careers of extraordinary American women artists from 1845 to 1945.

2021 Spring
1 section

Art Deco New York: Architects in Their Own Words

Learn about art deco architecture in New York City with an insider’s look at the work of three architects.

2021 Spring
1 section

Art Styles Through the Ages

Develop your eye for and your understanding of painting, sculpture, and architecture by building a foundation in the history of art.

2021 Spring
1 section

Contemporary Figurative Painting: From Lynette Yiadom-Boakye to Luc Tuymans and Kerry James Marshall

Get to know the artists who are leading today’s figurative painting movement.

2021 Spring
1 section

Dishing the Dirt on Artists: From Renaissance to Modern Art

Learn about artists’ lives and famous artworks in this entertaining trip through art history.

2021 Spring
1 section

Surrealism: The Women Artists of Mexico and Latin America

Learn about the surrealist women artists of Latin America and their impact on 20th-century art.

2021 Spring
1 section

The History of Interiors: From Classical to Contemporary Design

Learn about the history of interior design and its evolution over time.

2021 Spring
1 section

Venice Through the Eyes of Artists

Explore Venice through the eyes of the famous artists who lived and visited there.

2021 Spring
1 section

Women Artists from the Renaissance to the Pre-Raphaelites

Learn about notable women artists from the Renaissance to the Pre-Raphaelites.

2021 Spring
1 section

Preservation Planning and Practice

Receive a comprehensive introduction to preservation planning in New York City.

2021 Spring
1 section

Seeing Things Our Way: Art as Propaganda

Explore how art has been used as propaganda from early Greece to the United States in the 20th century.

2021 Spring
1 section

The Art and Architecture of Sicily: Byzantine, Islamic, and Northern European Influences

Explore the multicultural history, art, and architecture of Sicily.

2021 Spring
1 section

Understanding Traditional Architecture

Learn to identify architectural styles, to put a rough date on any building you see in New York, and to name the parts and details of buildings.

2021 Spring
1 section

Art and Architecture of Morocco and Muslim Spain

Explore the art and architecture of Morocco and southern Spain, formed by a fusion of Berber, Arab, Portuguese, French, Roman, and Spanish culture.

2021 Spring
1 section

Rembrandt, van Gogh, Kahlo: Masters of Self-Examination

Explore the art of self-portraiture through the works of Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, and Frida Kahlo.

2021 Spring
1 section

Forever Young: Great Artists Who Left Us Prematurely

Explore the masterpieces, legacies, and mysteries of famous artists who died young.

2021 Spring
1 section

Frozen Time: The Art of Still Life

Explore the development of the still life genre and some of history’s greatest still life masterpieces.

2021 Spring
1 section

The Art Scene

Explore New York City’s museums and galleries virtually to gain insight into the meaning of and inspiration for today’s art.

2021 Spring
1 section

Nazi-Looted Art

Learn about the systematic looting of art by Nazis across Europe from 1933 to 1945, especially of Jewish collections as a mechanism of persecution.

2021 Spring
1 section

Ancient and Islamic Jewelry

Explore the history of jewelry, from Neolithic times to the Persian shahs of the 20th century.

Art Shaping the American Identity

Explore American art from the colonial era to the 20th century.

Connoisseurship: Behind the Scenes

Deepen your knowledge of the art world by exploring the physical qualities of artworks and famous art scams.

Contemporary Architecture, 1990 to Present

Explore the most important developments in architecture since the 1990s—ideas, ideologies, projects, buildings, and cities.

Friendships and Rivalries in Modern Art

Explore the roles that friendship and rivalry had in inspiring modern art’s greatest masterpieces.

Great Architecture of 20th-Century New York

Explore important architectural styles and buildings of 20th-century New York City.

Islamic Art History

Join us for a visual journey into the riches of the arts of the Islamic world.

Modernism: From Expressionism and Fauvism to Abstract Expressionism

Explore major movements that defined and shaped art in the 20th century and still influence art produced today.

Monet's Cities: Paris, London, Venice, and Giverny

Explore Monet’s art and the locations that inspired him.

Pivotal Early Works by Great Artists

Explore the early works of famous artists that would change art history.

Saints in Medieval Art

Explore depictions of saints in art and architecture.

The Bauhaus: Modernism in Art, Architecture, and Design

Explore the historical, aesthetic, and ideological background of the Bauhaus.

The Feminine in Art

Explore how societies perceive women, maternity, and motherhood through art.

The Met at 150

In honor of its 150th anniversary, learn about the history of The Metropolitan Museum of Art from its founding in 1870 to present day.

The Russian Century: Art from 1917 to 2017

Explore the history of Russian art from the avant-garde movement of the early 20th century to the nonconformist art of the later Soviet era.

Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer: The Golden Age of Painting

Learn about the artistic achievements of Spain and the Netherlands and discover unexpected affinities among its legendary artists.

Contemporary Photography: From Markus Brunetti to Mickalene Thomas

Learn about prominent contemporary photographers and the stylistic approaches they use to depict the human body, architecture, and other subjects.

Islamic Art History: A Focus on Cairo

Explore the history, architecture, and artistic importance of Cairo.

Behind the Scenes in New York: Preserving a City of Historic Neighborhoods

Gain a community-based view of how neighborhoods use the New York City Landmarks Law to determine the future of their communities.

Changing Standards in Historic Preservation

This course examines what we seek to preserve and why, including the ever-changing standards in historic preservation.

Reading and Interpreting Construction Documents: Architectural

Learn the fundamentals of reading construction documents, as well as specific symbols and features used in architectural construction documents.

The Art Market: New Realities and New Strategies

Gain an understanding of how the global art market operates and examine how business is conducted.

The Changing City: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

In eight illustrated lectures, see how New York neighborhoods change with the times, and how the look of the City itself changes.