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From Bedroom to Ballroom: Historic Fashion and Costume

Today’s runway shows are dominated by dramatic and seemingly innovative fashion, but are these styles truly original? What has the evolution of American and European fashion contributed to these modern designs? By examining the history of fashion and costume from cradle to coffin, bedroom to ballroom, and cotton field to battlefield, we will learn about changes in style, construction, and the use of fabrics. How did dressmakers and tailors strive for original looks? How many fashions were appropriated from other cultures? What is couture and why does it matter to the masses? Finally, we look at clues in dating, caring for, and preserving historic costume.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of the history of fashion and costume
  • Familiarity with different fashion styles
  • An understanding of how American and European fashions from the past influence fashion today

Ideal for

  • Arts professionals
  • Art enthusiasts and collectors
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