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Art Appraisal

  • Focuses on Industry Standards and Regulations
  • Develops Research Skills and Methodologies
  • Trains for a Broad Range of Occupations

Designed for both prospective and practicing appraisers, these courses explore the techniques and practices of fine and decorative art appraisal. Foundational courses introduce you to industry standards and best practices, while specialized courses explore various fields, including American and European paintings, Asian art, silver, furniture, and photography.

American Art and Design Between the Wars

Learn about the leading artists and designers, as well as the different artistic styles that emerged, in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s.

2018 Spring
1 section

Appraising Fine and Rare Wine

Explore the factors that determine the value of a wine or wine collection for buyers and investors.

2018 Spring
1 section

Asian Fine and Decorative Arts: Connoisseurship

Study the history of Asian art, with a focus on periods and styles important for identifying works frequently found in museums and in the marketplace.

2018 Spring
1 section

Contemporary Sculpture: Connoisseurship and Production Process

Explore the use of digital 3D design, 3D imaging, additive manufacturing (3D printing, laser sintering), and milling for creating sculpture.

2018 Spring
1 section

From Bedroom to Ballroom: Historic Fashion and Costume

Examine the history of fashion and costume to learn about changes in style, construction, and the use of fabrics.

2018 Spring
1 section

German Modern and Contemporary Art and the Art Market

Learn about the history and development of the most important movements in modern and contemporary German art.

2018 Spring
1 section

Introduction to American Folk Art

Review examples of American folk art from the 17th century to present, examining regional, urban, and rural influences and the evolution over time.

2018 Spring
1 section

Mid-20th-Century Design: Masters and Innovators

Examine the rise of 20th-century design, with a focus on mid-20th-century furniture, lighting, and objects.

2018 Spring
1 section

Parallels and Contrasts Between 20th-Century Fine and Decorative Art

Study the relationship between fine art and decorative art of the 20th century.

2018 Spring
1 section

Art Law for the Art Professional

As an art professional, take this course to explore art law’s most important components and the most ardently enforced laws.

2018 Spring
1 section

Important Artists and Paintings from the American South from 1690 to Today

Explore paintings from the American South, a region that has produced some of the most important American art for more than 400 years.

2018 Spring
1 section

The Contemporary Art Market: What to Look For

Learn about the contemporary art marketplace and its major players, and know what to look for when buying and selling art.

2018 Spring
1 section

18th- and 19th-Century Furniture: Materials, Construction, and Use

Explore the history of furniture construction and decoration, and learn how to distinguish period pieces from well-crafted reproductions.

A New York City Guide to the Decorative Arts: Immerse Yourself in Style

Learn the visual vocabulary of style and ornament in decorative arts through weekly guided visits to New York auction houses, galleries, and museums.

Abstraction from Latin America: A Trending Market

Explore the abstract art movements from Latin America, including constructivism, MADI, Mexican abstraction, and kinetic art, and the artists.

An Introduction to the Examination and Conservation of Works of Art

Receive an introduction to the field of art conservation as it applies to arts professionals such as appraisers, collectors, and museum personnel.

Appraisal Writing Workshop

Learn how to approach, construct, and develop various types of written appraisals that are reflective of the highest current standards.

Appraisal of Historical Textiles and Costume

Explore the characteristics, manufacture, and trade in textiles to help in the appraisal of furniture, clothing, costumes, and home furnishings.

Appraising 20th-Century American Ceramics and Glass

Explore one of the most dynamic periods in the development of American ceramics and glass.

Appraising 20th-Century Decorative Arts

Examine the evolution of modern and contemporary decorative arts, so you are better able to assess objects and appropriately assign proper value.

Art Deco Masters of Design

Examine how exhibitions in the US and Europe ignited a race among designers, manufacturers, and retailers to introduce art deco to the marketplace.

Connoisseurship of Impressionist and Modern Paintings

Explore impressionism, postimpressionism, expressionism, surrealism, futurism, and the path to abstraction through the medium of paintings.

Essentials of Appraising

Learn the essential framework of personal property appraisal, and acquire an education in appraising.

From Colonial to Contemporary: 500 Years of Latin American Art

Gain an overview of the history and development of different artistic traditions in Latin America.

IRS Legal Guidelines in Valuation of Fine and Decorative Arts

Learn about current tax law as it applies to the valuation of fine and decorative arts.

Impressionist, Modern, and Contemporary Art: The Auction Market

Acquire the knowledge and skills needed for market analysis and trend-spotting in the art world.

Introduction to Appraising Fine Art

Receive a general introduction to the various media and styles commonly encountered in the appraisal of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture.

New York City Museums by Moonlight: Decorative Arts from Baroque to Contemporary

Gain an introduction to the European and American decorative arts through weekly guided visits to museums in New York City.

Research Methods for Appraisers

Gain an introduction to art appraisal practice and a foundation in appraisal research methods and tools.

The Appraisal of European Furniture Styles 1700-2000

Learn to identify major European furniture styles, while developing the tools needed to determine historic and contemporary value.

The Heart of the Matter: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Appraising

Gain familiarity with the legal aspects of appraising, which have become crucial to the profession.

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice for Personal Property Appraisers

Learn the unified code of ethics and standards for appraisal report writing and prepare for the USPAP exam.