Touched by Fire: Van Gogh's Passion

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Van Gogh’s paintings have less to do with possession than with passion—an involvement with the world expressed through a handful of modest yet remarkable images: a woman with her infant, a field overshot with sunlight, a bedroom, and the texture and weight of a sunflower. Through a selection of letters to his brother Theo, we chronicle van Gogh’s life journey, from Amsterdam to the south of France, and discover the work of a self-taught artist who reached toward a world he could not hold but loved nonetheless. Visits to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum are planned. Summer 2023 tuition is $749.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Greater familiarity with van Gogh’s life journey, from Amsterdam to the south of France
  • Knowledge of van Gogh’s art, including works at the Met and Guggenheim Museums

Ideal for

  • Art enthusiasts
  • Prospective and practicing arts professionals

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  • Summer 2023

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      Summer 2023
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      Jun 6 - Jul 18
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      Midtown Center
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