Art Business and Administration

  • Covers For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Arts Administration
  • Develops Financial and Managerial skills
  • Explores Audience Identification and Marketing Techniques

These courses provide the marketing, managerial, fundraising, and financial skills that are needed to succeed in arts organizations and institutions, including museums, galleries, alternative spaces, and performing arts groups. Learn to create strategic plans, to develop budgets, and to fundraise. Explore new techniques for marketing arts organizations and events. Learn more about the Certificate in Arts Management.

This semester, study in-person or from anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Nonprofit Arts Management

Learn the fundamentals of healthy nonprofit arts organizations by surveying the principal concerns and skills required of an arts manager.

2023 Fall
1 section

Reimagining Performing Arts Organizations in the 21st Century

Learn to develop programs that further a performing arts organization’s mission while meeting the needs and interests of different audiences.

2023 Fall
1 section

Marketing and Community Engagement for the Arts

Learn what a nonprofit arts manager must know about the business of marketing the visual and performing arts.

2023 Fall
1 section

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Arts

Examine the concepts of culture, diversity, and equity, and learn how to cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion at an arts organization.

2023 Fall
1 section

Development for the Visual and Performing Arts

Learn the techniques, skills, and strategies for implementing effective fundraising plans for visual and performing arts organizations.

Financial Management for the Arts

Gain an understanding of the financial foundation of cultural institutions, knowledge that is critical to your and your organization’s success.

Museum and Cultural Organization Leadership in the 21st Century

Gain knowledge of the relationships among collecting, preserving, and presenting works of art and cultural heritage.

Entrepreneurship and the Arts

Explore the intersection of art and entrepreneurship, and acquire the knowledge needed to create your own arts-related enterprise.

Public-Private Partnerships: The Role of Philanthropy

No one organization or sector has the full suite of capabilities, relationships or assets to tackle persistent and escalating social problems...