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Bioethics Mediation

Like many fields, medicine has experienced profound changes in the past several decades. Rapid developments in technology, in the culture of medical practice, and in the financing of medical care mean that doctors and patients have to navigate many new and difficult ethical issues, and increasingly, they need to do this together. End-of-life care and reproductive health are just two areas in which the values and interests of patients, family members, and medical care providers might clash. It is vital to resolve differences between the values and desires of patients and their families and the values and evidence-based positions of medical practitioners’ preferred treatment plans. This is where the role of the mediator can be immensely helpful. This course is designed to introduce medical professionals and those interested in ethics consultation to key skills and insights need to successfully mediate, navigate, and manage medical conflicts, while paying careful attention to the rights, interests, and sensitivities of patients, family members, and medical providers.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of mediation as a valuable dispute resolution process
  • Appreciation for the specific requirements of mediation in a bioethics dispute
  • The ability to identify the values, interests, and commitments of key parties involved in a bioethics dispute
  • Basic comprehension of how to approach resolution of ethical dilemmas in healthcare settings

Ideal for

  • Medical professionals
  • Those interested in ethics consultation regarding medical care

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