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In-Person Courses

  • Supports students of all ages

  • Strengthens connection with a social network

  • Creates community among lifelong learners

  • Promotes acquisition of new skills and perspectives 

In-person courses at the Academy of Lifelong Learning offer a wide range of subjects for exploration and discovery including art, film, global affairs, history, literature, music, theater, and living your best life.

The Novel Today (Summer)

Section 1 on Wednesdays is the only in-person option - Thursday sections are online. Discuss major new work by today’s top writers,...

2024 Summer
2 sections

The Surreal Universe of René Magritte

Explore the art of Magritte and his surrealist contemporaries.

2024 Summer
1 section

A Holistic Look at Iran: Economics, Religion, Politics, and More

Take a holistic look at the various aspects of Iran: environment, ethnolinguistic composition, religious proclivities, economics, and politics.

2024 Summer
1 section

The History of Art: Drawings From Da Vinci to Degas

Explore the art of drawing through the works of famous...

2024 Summer
1 section

Parallel Lives: George Eliot's Daniel Deronda

Dive deep into George Eliot’s masterpiece, Daniel...

2024 Summer
1 section

The New York Art Scene

Explore New York City’s museums and galleries virtually to gain insight into the meaning of and inspiration for today’s art.

2024 Summer
1 section

London's Royal Parks

Explore the rich history of London’s famous royal parks.

2024 Summer
1 section

The Dutch Tradition: From Rembrandt to de Kooning

Explore 350 years of Dutch art from Vermeer to Mondrian. 

2024 Summer
1 section

Political Thought and Life: From Plato to Climate Change

Political theory is often viewed as overly philosophical, abstract, and inapplicable to contemporary life. Our goal in this course will be to...

2024 Summer
1 section

Experience Performance at NYU Skirball

Experience Manhattan’s premier cultural center through cutting-edge live experiences and behind-the-scenes...

Let's Go to the Movies

Examine a wide range of films and engage in lively discussions about what makes each a truly exceptional work of art.

The Play's the Thing: Curtain Up on New York's Theatre Scene

Meet with theatre professionals and see five Broadway or Off-Broadway shows to learn what happens before the curtain rises and after it falls.

Comparative Religion: From Christianity to Confucianism

Gain a basic understanding of the beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions.

The Best Films You Probably Haven't Seen

Screen and discuss a variety of terrific movies you may have missed but are definitely worth seeing.

What to Watch for 2024: The Politics, the Issues, the Players

Register for this Fall 2023 course on the NYU SPS Academy of Lifelong Learning website. As the 2024 election process begins, the...

Global Hotspots Through Foreign Film

Watch powerful foreign films that serve as catalysts for post-screening discussions about present-day issues in the associated geopolitical regions.

The Crisis of Security: Global Politics from the End of the Cold War to the Present

Register for this course on the new NYU SPS Academy of Lifelong Learning website. In 1991 the world witnessed the triumph of...

Politics and Leadership in a Changing Middle East

Register for this course on the new NYU SPS Academy of Lifelong Learning website. This course will look at the historical and ideological...