Latin America: New Challenges and Shifting Relations

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Latin America is stuck between stagnation and street protest; a region that struggles to realize its potential. For more than a century it has suffered governmental mismanagement, a lack of sustainable educational investment, environmental degradation, rampant corruption/crime, and rising political crises. The recent Covid pandemic has exacerbated existing educational and social issues with frequent school closures and local public health care crises. Moreover, the past 18 months has resulted in changing political landscapes across many Latin nations causing instability, fear, capital flight and a brain drain of tech, managerial, and professional classes. Recent elections in Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Chile, and most recently Colombia, have created major shifts; new leaders overturning existing socioeconomic strategies with the goal of finding solutions to stagnation and entrenched problems. Why is the new Colombian President Gustavo Petro looking to nationalize industries and agriculture while also resetting relations with Venezuela? Is the fear of lasting capital flight and professional emigration a valid concern for Colombia?  How will Mexico’s new outreach to Venezuela, Russia and China affect relations with its largest trade partner as well as its critical membership in USMCA?  With October elections in Brazil will Bolsonaro try to steal the October vote using the Trump playbook? What are the implications and ramifications for Chile of President Boric’s new programs and the newly drafted constitution? Will rival influences between China and the US, the two top trading partners in the region, finally reach a strategic crisis?  Is there a growing relationship between Iran and Argentina? What of the regional Russian arms trade? And most significantly will lithium, copper, oil and grain once again save Latin America?
Join in the analysis and assessment of these critical and evolving challenges now facing the Americas. Discuss potential regional competencies and opportunities at home and on the global stage.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of the hostilities in the Southern Cone, Central America, and the Andean region
  • An understanding of the severe environmental crisis in Brazil and the extreme instability of Venezuela’s failed state

Ideal for

  • Professionals seeking to work in Latin American markets
  • Students interested in the changes in the region
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