Art History and Architecture

  • Affords Visits to NYC Museums and Galleries
  • Examines All Media
  • Explores Style, Movements, and Forms

These courses provide a forum for exploring the world of art—from ancient artifacts and ruins to contemporary painters and photographers. You will tour New York City’s renowned museums and galleries with art historians and museum professionals, as you develop an understanding of the history, cultural context, and aesthetics of art movements and trends.

This semester, study in-person or from anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Art Deco New York Architecture: Exploring the Jazz-Age Metropolis

Explore New York City’s art deco architecture through Zoom lectures and guided walks.

2023 Spring
2 sections

Buddhism Illuminated: Illustrated Manuscripts from Southeast Asia

Discover the vibrant and beautiful art of Buddhist Southeast Asia through ancient manuscript illustrations.

2023 Spring
1 section

Plein Air Painting From Turner to Marin

Explore open air paintings and sketches by famous artists.

2023 Spring
1 section

The New York Art Scene

Explore New York City’s museums and galleries virtually to gain insight into the meaning of and inspiration for today’s art.

2023 Spring
+ 1 more semester
3 sections

How to Be Modern: From Paris to New York and Beyond

Examine modernism’s myriad styles and forms, as well as its diverse, shifting attitudes toward society and the mainstream.

2023 Spring
1 section

The Female Gaze: The Story of Women in Art

Explore the stories and art of famous women artists.

2023 Spring
1 section

A History of Interiors: From Classical to Contemporary Design

Learn about the history of interior design and its evolution over time.

2023 Spring
1 section

Art After 2/24/22: Ukraine, Russia, and the World

Explore the modern and contemporary art movements of Ukraine and Russia.

2023 Spring
1 section

Sculpture Through the Ages: Depictions of the Human Body

Explore how artists from the Paleolithic age to the 21st century depicted the human form through sculpture.

2023 Spring
1 section

21st Century Saudi Arabia: The Politics of Cultural Heritage Preservation

Explore the archeological sites of Saudi Arabia and their role in Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry today.

2023 Spring
1 section

Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece

Explore the art and architecture of ancient Greece and key moments in Greek art and culture

Painting Sound: The Intersection of Art and Music

Explore the relationship between fine art and music from the Romantic era to modern times.

Painting the Cote d'Azur

Explore the art and beauty of the Cote D’Azur in France and how it inspired the world’s great artists.

The Spiritual in Modern and Contemporary Art

Explore the spiritual roots and dimensions of modern and contemporary art

What Is American in American Art: 1775-1925

This course surveys American art, including paintings, drawings, and sculpture, from 1775 to 1925.

Words in Place: Architecture and Typography

Explore the history of typography as it relates to architecture

Antique Skyscrapers and the Tycoons Who Built Them

Tour landmark skyscrapers across America and learn about the Gilded Age barons who funded their construction.