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Data Visualization Intensive

Data is the new oil, and visualization of that data, if done right, has the ability to tell a story through images, directing users toward conclusions about data and empowering them to make better decisions. Throughout your professional career, you will be required to gather, analyze, and share vast amounts of data. Gathering data is usually the easy part. Making sense of that data, drawing valid conclusions, and clearly presenting findings to your colleagues are the challenges. In this intensive course, real-world problems that require visualization will be demonstrated, and you will work through the process of visualizing this data and gaining insight. The intensive kicks off with an introduction to visualization, followed by best practices when dealing with diverse data (abstract and spatial), demonstrations of a variety of methods and techniques on those data sets, and a presentation of a range of freely available software. Become familiar with the principles of graphical perception and the visual encoding of quantitative information. Learn how to use these principles to evaluate an effective visualization. Explore what makes graphical representations of data successful or unsuccessful, and gain an appreciation of the different goals of visualization. This intensive has both a theoretical component that covers the main rules of the discipline and a practical one: the design of striking, informative, and powerful infographics and models for visualization.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to design graphs and charts that maximize impact and memorability
  • Familiarity with the evolution of data visualization and examples of best practices
  • An understanding of how raw data can be turned into striking visual stories, including both flat graphic design (infographics) and interactive

Ideal for

  • Professionals working in digital communications, social media, media relations, public relations, and public affairs
  • Those who specialize in corporate communications, research, and HR communications

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