Stephen McConnell

Stephen McConnell

Adjunct Instructor New York University

Stephen J. McConnell is a media/digital technology researcher and award-winning professional writer.

Stephen has a background in journalism, having reported for several U.S. newspapers where he published high-profile enterprise and investigative work that was also syndicated by The Associated Press. 

Following his newspaper career, he launched a digital marketing company, Guiding Type, and was also the director of marketing for Conundrum Press. In those roles, he coached writers, professionals, and organizations on how to improve their writing, brand, messaging, and marketing. 

Stephen earned a Ph.D. in Public Communication and Technology in 2022 from Colorado State University. He also earned a M.S. in Professional Writing in 2016 from NYU SPS.

He teaches writing courses at NYU SPS.

Currently Teaching

Communications & AI

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing communication and writing practices, affording professionals and writers a suite of powerful tools...

Fundamentals of Storytelling

Explore the basic elements of story, and apply them to your writing for more dynamic content, whether for novels or résumés.