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Stephen McConnell

Stephen McConnell

Adjunct Instructor New York University

Stephen J. McConnell, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer and media scholar whose research focuses on the intersections of artificial intelligence, digital communication platforms, and human behavior. Stephen earned his doctorate in Public Communication and Technology from Colorado State University in 2022 and he has presented his research worldwide, including in China, Ireland, Canada, France, and the United States.  A key area of his studies involves examining human interactions with AI technologies, from social media feeds to ChatGPT, to assess how we can flourish during exchanges with these powerful tools so we enhance our agency, productivity, and well-being. Stephen has been a university instructor since 2017 and has taught storytelling, writing, and communication courses at NYU SPS since 2021. He earned an M.S. in Professional Writing from NYU SPS. Previously, he was an investigative newspaper reporter and founder of a digital marketing company, Guiding Type.

Currently Teaching

Communications & AI

In Summer 2024, this certificate program will be offered as a two-week, in-person intensive at New York University's New York City campus....