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Lorella Brocklesby

Lorella Brocklesby

Adjunct Professor

Lorella Brocklesby is an Adjunct Professor at the Center for Applied Liberal Arts, NYUSPS. She is London born, and is a cultural historian specializing in architecture, art, theatre, decorative arts, and gardens. She has received awards from NYUSPS for Excellence in Teaching and length of service. She has taught over seventy different courses for NYUSPS, including History of Royalty, Medieval History, Victorian London, Dickens’ England, William Morris, and Shakespeare’s London.

She was for sixteen years the program director for the NYUSPS Oxford summer study program and has been a leader on tours to France, Scotland, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom and Smithsonian.  She has lectured at many museums and has given fifteen seminars for the Smithsonian Institution. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Currently Teaching

Charles Dickens: At Home and Abroad

Experience—through his own words—the places that Charles Dickens visited and called home.

A Brush with History: England's Past Portrayed

Study English history and culture through its art, including portraits, landscapes, domestic scenes, and “conversation pieces.”

Perennial Splendors: England's Country House Gardens

Explore how English country house gardens have evolved over centuries and what they reveal about English history and taste.

Two Nations Entwined: England and France

Explore the shared culture of England and France, and analyze how each country adopted and made these cultural traits its own.