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Fahimeh Gooran

Fahimeh Gooran

Adjunct Instructor

Since 2002, Fahimeh Gooran taught at Azad University before moving to the US in 1996. She began teaching Persian at SARV Professional Linguistic Services and then joined the American Association of Persian Teachers. Fahimeh is a participant in ACTFL Reading Proficiency and ACTFL- OPI Familiarization Workshops, among many others. She holds a BA in graphic design and has been a co-founder of Vije Graphic Design Corporation. Her courses expose students to various levels of communication, conversational exercises and grammatical knowledge while being actively involved in intricate aspects of the Iranian culture.

Currently Teaching

Persian I

In this introductory class, study the Persian alphabet and sound system, and learn how to read and write individual words.

Persian II

Gain an introduction to Persian grammatical structures and improve your conversational skills.

Persian IV

Deepen your knowledge of Persian grammatical structures such as subjunctive, passive, and conditionals, while practicing more complex sentences.

Advanced Reading and Writing in Persian

Improve your reading comprehension and advance your writing ability, while maintaining your speaking and listening skills in Persian.

Persian Reading and Writing for Heritage Speakers: Beginner

If you understand and speak Farsi but don’t have reading or writing skills, take this course to round out your overall Farsi proficiency.