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Ernest Rubinstein

Ernest Rubinstein

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professor Rubinstein works at the intersection of religion, philosophy, and literature. He has written three books: An Episode of Jewish Romanticism (1999), on the philosopher Franz Rosenzweig; Religion and the Muse (2008), on the relation between religion and literature; and From Ecclesiastes to Simone Weil: Varieties of Philosophical Spirituality, (2014).  His next book is on the relations between Judaism and Christianity.  He has taught at Drew University, Rutgers University, and the New School.  Professor Rubinstein teaches philosophy and religion courses at NYUSPS Center for Applied Liberal Arts.

Currently Teaching

Religion and Literature: From the Bible to James Baldwin

Explore themes—love, death, evil, suffering, and forgiveness—across religious and literary texts from the Western canon and beyond.

Comparative Religion: From Christianity to Confucianism

Navigate the theory of religion and examine the ideals of six world religions.