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Barbara O'Hara

Barbara O'Hara

Language Lecturer

Barbara O’Hara, MA, MSW, is a full-time faculty member at the ALI. She received her master’s degree in education from the School of International Training, VT, in 1984 and has taught communication skills to speakers of English as a second language from all over the world. She herself is a native of Ireland, speaks Spanish and French, and is interested in helping her students discover new aspects of themselves as they deepen their knowledge of English. Her current passion is learning to play jazz flute which reminds her of how essential daily practice is to achieving mastery.

Currently Teaching

ESL Reading and Writing 5 - S

Students with intermediate-level English ability study paragraph structure, development, organization, and editing for their English writing.

ESL Listening and Speaking 6 - S

Students with high-intermediate-level English language ability continue to develop their listening and speaking skills in this course.