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Karen Schadow

Karen Schadow

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Karen Schadow, M.A. in Communications, Theatre, and Humanities, has taught at NYU for 25 years and is currently an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Center for Applied Liberal Arts, NYUSPS, teaching her course, Ten Steps to a More Dynamic Voice. With her extensive background in theatre, television, and film, Schadow has developed her own highly successful techniques in voice improvement, presentation skills coaching, media training, overcoming fear of public speaking, and clearer speech for non-native speakers. She has written and taught extensively on making the body-mind connection to the voice. Her work emphasizes not just "what you are saying," but "how you are saying it.”  Schadow was voted one of the Top Ten Voice Teachers in New York for 2017 by Expertise.

Currently Teaching

10 Steps to a More Dynamic Voice

Master new voice techniques to convey confidence in your voice—and achieve success in your career.