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Lawrence Wheatman

Lawrence Wheatman

Adjunct Instructor

T. Lawrence Wheatman was born and raised in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City and attended public schools. Although college bound, his trajectory changed upon being expelled from high school just three hours before graduation. This was the Vietnam era, and apparently the organizational skills Wheatman employed to motivate students and faculty in anti-war and civil rights demonstrations were not appreciated by all. After hitchhiking for three years throughout North America, Wheatman returned to New York City and launched "Cockroach Art," a seven-thousand square foot performance coffeehouse across from the Bitter End on Bleecker St. "The Art" (also know as “The Roach”) traversed new ground in combining expression as diverse as rock and ballet, stand-up comedy and kinetic sculpture in the same artistic space, and featured a number of “known” artists at the beginning (and some at the end) of their careers. Wheatman then performed with various bands of diverse musical genres in New York and Europe, and his all original rock & roll group “Madison Avenue” was produced by the late Felix Pappalardi.

The photographic experience came quite early to Wheatman in the many evenings he remembers spending with his father in a make-shift darkroom at home. He first began to embrace the power of the camera's eye in video as a producer, director, talent, and camera operator for music, fashion and commercial purposes. Gallery showings of his photographic work commenced in earnest in 1984.

Besides his activities as artist, Wheatman also does photo work in the more commercial aspects of the craft including many magazine and music CD covers, and is a long time professor of photography at New York University’s School of Professional Studies. He uses this reality of multiplicity to make his choice to not specialize. The result of this is that he utilizes broad aspects of camera, film, darkroom, brush and computer.

Currently Teaching

Photography: From Beginner to Exhibitor

Receive critiques, guidance, encouragement, and the necessary technical assistance to achieve your goals in photography.

Mastering the Art of Street Photography

Explore street photography and learn the basic photographic, compositional, and perceptual skills it requires.

Creative Smartphone Photography: Turn Your Photos into Art

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