Roberta Seret-Bayer

Roberta Seret-Bayer

Adjunct Instructor

Roberta Seret has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and M.A. in French from New York University. She is Director of Advanced English and Film at the United Nations for the Hospitality Committee and Founder of the NGO at the United Nations, International Cinema Education. She has created a Global Classroom for students of all ages at the United Nations and now at New York University where she also teaches. 

Roberta is the author of the book World Affairs in Foreign Films and Transylvanian Trilogy, a 3-book historical fiction series: Gift of Diamonds, Love Odyssey, Treasure Seekers.

Currently Teaching

Global Hotspots Through Foreign Film

Watch powerful foreign films that serve as catalysts for post-screening discussions about present-day issues in the associated geopolitical regions.