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Samuel Sultan

Samuel Sultan

Director/Architect Home Box Office
Sam Sultan is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management and Systems within the Graduate Programs for Business. Professor Sultan has over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, with expertise in all aspects of software engineering and construction lifecycle including requirement gathering, project costing, analysis, design, coding & development, and client training & support. Mr. Sultan led many successful small, medium and large system development projects, as well as full ERP implementations, including RFP, vendor negotiation/selection, planning, budget and contracts. Mr. Sultan is knowledgeable in traditional, object-oriented and agile analysis, design and development methodologies with a wide spectrum of skills in various computer languages and platforms.

Currently Teaching

Advanced SQL Programming

Expand your skills in SQL, one of the most sought-after technical skills in the market today.

Introduction to Java Programming

Learn the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming and the Java programming language.

Intermediate Java Programming

If you know programming in any language, then advance your knowledge with object-oriented programming in Java.

SQL Programming Language

Learn to use SQL to select, update, insert, and delete data from database tables, and acquire hands-on experience with both Oracle and MySQL.

JavaScript (Full Stack Web Development)

In this hands-on course, learn the fundamentals of employing JavaScript for web applications.