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Amelia Paterson

Amelia Paterson

Adjunct Instructor

Amelia Paterson is the CoFounder and CMO of Blessed Extracts (BE) in Davis, California and has been working with cannabis on a commercial scale in California since 2010. Initially entering the Medical/Prop 215 market as a cultivator, Amelia has extensive experience with both indoor and outdoor grow operations with a focus on light-deprivation greenhouse techniques and biodynamic farming methods. Amelia founded BE upon the approval of Prop 64 in 2016.  BE was the first Type 7 (Volatile Solvent Extraction) license issued and inspected by officials in Northern California, and the brand continues to be a staple on the West Coast. Amelia graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2010 with a B.A. in English Literature and currently lives in Grass Valley, California with her son.

Currently Teaching

Cannabis Cultivation, Cloning, Extraction, and Processing

This course will provide an overview of cannabis cultivation options, including both traditional field cultivation and in-door options, as well...