Lori Trawinski

Lori Trawinski

Adjunct Instructor

Lori Trawinski is a thought leader on age diversity in the workforce. She joined the AARP Public Policy Institute in 2010 where she conducts research on policies relating to age diversity in the workplace, mortgages, and consumer debt. She led a multiyear initiative, The Future of Work@50+, that examined employment challenges faced by older workers. She is frequently quoted in media stories about age diversity, financial issues, and consumer debt. Dr. Trawinski also performs as a professional stand-up comedian. Dr. Trawinski holds a Ph.D. in economics and finance, an M.A. in international economics, and a B.A. in financial management from The Catholic University of America. Dr. Trawinski holds an executive certificate in financial planning from Georgetown University. She completed the diversity and inclusion certificate program at the ILR School of Cornell University and is a Cornell Certified Diversity Professional/Advanced Practitioner.

Currently Teaching

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