Destry Sulkes

Destry Sulkes

Adjunct Instructor

Destry’s 20 year career as a healthcare marketing executive includes leadership roles at innovative start-ups and large publicly-traded companies. After his medical training, he led global education efforts to support the launch of Zeiss’ optical coherence tomography device. Following that, he led the strategy team at WebMD, and soon after co-founded a healthcare data & analytics company, Prognos Health. Destry was later recruited to serve as the Chief Experience Officer in the health & wellness unit at the world's largest public advertising firm, WPP plc. Today, Destry is EVP at the world's largest privately held healthcare agency, Klick Group. At the CUNY School of Public Health, he serves on the Foundation Board, and is also Past-President of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions. He earned his BA at Dartmouth College and his MD and MBA degrees at Tufts University School of Medicine.

Currently Teaching

The Evolving US Healthcare Ecosystem

Critical to developing persuasive and effective healthcare marketing and communications is a firm understanding of the healthcare ecosystem.