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Wahab Ghaznavi

Wahab Ghaznavi

Adjunct Instructor

Wahab Ghaznavi has several years of experience of various digital marketing  methodologies to help clients optimize their marketing investments, to get the highest returns. He has developed and implemented innovative advertising solutions to combine marketing mix modeling, digital attribution and scenario planning into unified measurement platforms for e-commerce, CPG and retail clients. He has first-hand experience of leading attribution vendors (Visual IQ, Convertro, Adometry, TV squared). He has worked with cookie level data and developed unique KPI's by combining, first party, and third party datasets.

Working with some of the biggest ad agency/clients in the country, he has developed new measurement approaches using Machine Learning and AI, solving cross-device identification challenges to track customer journeys, both offline (through TV viewing) and online. Identifying and bridging data gaps while finding correlations between interactions across screens helped him develop a deep understanding of unique challenges and characteristics of each channel, in moving customers along these decision journeys. He has a passion to teach and wants to make sure that his students learn through experience in his class. He has published articles on various marketing issues in Admap and other trade publications.

Past Courses

Social Media Marketing Analytics

Gain an understanding of the key principles of marketing analytics as applied to social media.