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Piper Henriques

Piper Henriques

Adjunct Instructor

Piper Nichole Henriques is the Digital Project Manager at NBC12 and works with Raycom Sports designing advertising for the ACC, the Atlantic Coast Conference. Her background includes being Special Projects Manager for Raycom Media, one of the largest broadcasting companies in the U.S., which owns and/or operates over 60 TV stations. She previously managed the NBC12 website on the News content side and spent time running the ABC affiliate site in Richmond.

Piper Nichole currently teaches at the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School. She has experience creating a wide variety of advertising: digital, web/mobile/app pages, magazine ads, print collateral and more, for hundreds of local, regional, national and international businesses. Her roots started as a journalist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. She has three books published nationwide and her paintings are available at the Smithsonian American Art Museum store, the Renwick Gallery store and the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

Currently Teaching

Digital Marketing: Strategy

Learn everything you need to create a successful digital marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing: Mobile

Explore how mobile marketing can be maximized and how success in mobile marketing can be measured.

Mobile Marketing

Learn how to meet and forecast consumer expectations by focusing on current and upcoming technologies and platforms.

Designing for Digital Advertising

Gain exposure to the latest technology and trends in digital advertising, as well as hands-on experience designing and creating it.

Using Digital Advertising to Grow Your Business

As a business owner or a designer, learn to create effective, engaging digital advertising for desktop and mobile websites.

Marketing Campaign Management

Develop your marketing expertise by engaging in campaign simulations and learn what is needed to coordinate a successful marketing campaign.