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Adam Guttridge

Adam Guttridge

Adjunct Instructor

Adam Guttridge is the managing partner of NEIFI Analytics, a firm which licenses baseball evaluation/decision systems to MLB teams.Prior to founding NEIFI in 2015, Adam served as Manager of Baseball Research and Development for the Milwaukee Brewers.Together with NEIFI partner David Ogren, Adam co-developed The Automated Prospect Model, which received the Alpha Award–Evolution of Sport at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.In addition to working with the Brewers from 2009-2015, Adam interned and consulted with the Colorado Rockies from 2004-2005. Adam holds a BS in Business Management from the University of Colorado, Denver.

Past Courses

Inside Baseball: Analytics in Action

Examine the questions that baseball teams are seeking to answer, and learn about the tools and methods they are using to do so.