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Jason Schulman

Jason Schulman

Adjunct Instructor

Jason Schulman received his PhD in History from Emory University and his BA in History and American Studies from Columbia University.  His research interests include legal, political, and ethnic history.  His writing has appeared in various academic journals, including the Journal for the Study of Radicalism and the Melbourne Journal of Politics.  Schulman teaches classes on race and the criminal justice system, free speech and censorship, and identity and politics at NYUSPS Center for Applied Liberal Arts.

Currently Teaching

The American White Working Class and Modern Conservatism

Gain a historical perspective on the white working class, a demographic whose members and political power have seen great change since WWII.

The Evolution of the Right to Privacy

Explore what privacy means today and how the right to privacy has varied over the course of American history.

Fighting for the Right to Vote

This one-day seminar focuses on voting rights and the battles over the right to vote in American history.