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Jonathan Banner

Jonathan Banner

Digital Account Manager AARP Media Sales
Jonathan Banner, BA, MS New York University has lead a professional life that has traveled through almost all current forms of media. He started his career as an interviewer; researcher and producer for NBC/Westwood One Radio networks. He worked on the planning and development side of brand management for a small regionally based pharmaceutical company and then had the opportunity to sell and develop advertising for a variety of publishing companies which lead to my first online advertising sales job in early 1996. Jon has helped new businesses develop positions, implementing and built working and successful new revenue streams. Jon was one of the first Interactive Sales Managers at the New York Times. He helped start Innovation Interactive and was a critical Manager and Sales Professional at Prime Media/Source Interlink. Currently Jon is at AARP Media Sales.

Currently Teaching

Digital Marketing: Analytics

Learn to develop marketing strategies and to make resource allocation decisions that are driven by quantitative analysis.