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Joseph Panzarella

Joseph Panzarella

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Joseph is a senior level data analyst professional with over 20+ years experience in the advertising industry and an adjunct teacher at NYU teaching analytics and digital marketing in NYU's The School of Professional Studies program. He’s worked on admired brands such as Verizon, AT&T, Pfizer, and Avis covering the government, telecommunications, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and travel & leisure industries.  

Highlights include providing analytical support for visible marketing efforts, including the 2010 Census and Brand USA, the U.S. government’s first global travel destination organization encouraging international travelers to visit the U.S. and support and grow travel-related American Jobs. Joseph holds a M.S. degree from Syracuse University in Communications with a B.A. from Stony Brook University.

Currently Teaching

Digital Marketing

Learn which digital channels to use, how to use them successfully, and how to integrate them into the total marketing mix.