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Laura Humphries

Laura Humphries

Adjunct Instructor

Laura Humphries is currently teaching as a part time adjunct instructor at New York University and Columbia University. She also writes articles for the AFYA foundation. She has been teaching ESL for Academic Purposes for various university programs since 2008, and acted as the Academic Director for ESLI Turkey for two years before coming to New York. Prior to journeying to Turkey, she taught English for Academic Purposes at Campbellsville University, University of Kentucky, and Western Kentucky University. At Western Kentucky University, she also taught English 101 and English 103. She has a BA in English and a MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Texas.

Past Courses

ESL Topics 5/6

This elective course for intermediate-level speakers of English covers various topics that change each semester.

American Culture, History, and Arts

Gain a rich and varied experience in New York City culture while improving your English language skills.

American Culture, History, and Arts II

Gain a rich and varied experience of New York City culture while improving your English language skills.

ESL Reading and Writing 6 - S

This high-intermediate-level English course teaches students how to write complex sentence structures, paragraphs, summaries, and essays.

Global Business Leadership II

This English language program provides college-aged students with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s global business environment.