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Sung Park

Sung Park

Adjunct Instructor

Kevin Park has had a distinguished career as a leader in business and technology. Currently he’s a faculty member at NYU (2013) and NYiT (2007) and co-founder/director of UX design at ObjectivEye, a startup that provides a deep understanding and customized UX/UI design and analysis to the AR/VR industry.

Kevin is co-developer of the User Experience Design Professional Diploma in 2016 and co-developed the UX Design curriculum for SCPS since 2013. At NYU, he has taught in areas of UX Design, Brand Design, and Technology in Physical Space. 

Kevin is c-creator of the AR/VR program and UX Design graduate program at NYiT. Their mission is to bring students through a fast-paced program that will advance their understanding of AR/VR and UX/UI in the world today.

Kevin has well over 20+ years of professional experience in the art, design and emerging tech culture.  He’s worked as a Senior UX Design Manager at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for 17 years, Design Consultant for Pentagram, Antenna International, Smithsonian Museum, MoMA, Guggenheim, The Art Institute of Chicago, Harvard University, McDonald’s. Kevin has been influential to the culture of design and remains unmatched through his passion of bridging the gap of AR/VR technology through our daily lives today.

Kevin holds a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from School of Visual Arts, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and child.

Currently Teaching

User Experience Design II

Explore methods for influencing user behavior to best meet business goals, such as driving traffic, retaining users, and reaching conversion goals.

UX: From Design to Code

Learn the various design cycles of interface creation and the components of user interface (UI) design for cross-platform and multidevice delivery.

Visual Design for UX

Acquire specific design recommendations, examine numerous models, and receive insights to increase your UX project’s visual appeal.

UX in Physical Space

Learn to conceive and design customer experiences within the physical space using digital technologies and interfaces.