Cynthia Couch

Cynthia Couch

Adjunct Instructor

Cynthia Couch has extensive experience in retail leasing, representing both landlords and tenants on local, regional and national levels, and in the area of sales and acquisitions involving commercial and residential real estate throughout Virginia, New York and the United States. Cynthia’s retail leasing experience includes the negotiation of commercial leases from the inception of the deal through the completion of the construction of the project and the opening of the retailer. Her attention to detail and the focus she places on the individual needs of her clients allows her to bring a fresh perspective to each new deal.

She regularly provides legal counsel to business owners in transactions ranging from the sale of small family-owned businesses to the purchase of large franchises. She counsels property owners, institutional lenders, investors, and individuals in their commercial and residential real estate transactions throughout the United States. Cynthia has also advised clients on all aspects of the administration of estates and trusts, from small estates to complex matters.

She brings excellent negotiating and management skills and vast legal knowledge to each of her transactions. In addition to her practice, Cynthia is responsible for the management and oversight of the Commercial Real Estate practice in the New York City office. She works with the Commercial Real Estate team to ensure every commercial real estate matter is handled with the professionalism and expediency to which Messner clients are accustomed.

Past Courses

Navigating Commercial Leases

Examine standard office and retail lease forms, understand the motivations of the parties involved, and develop a framework for negotiation.