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Linda Cotero

Linda Cotero

Adjunct Instructor

Currently Teaching

Preparing for the TOEFL

Become familiar with each section of the TOEFL while practicing the skills necessary to raise your overall test score.

Practice Oral Communications for the Workplace

Build confidence in professional settings through role-playing using work-related scenarios.

Instructional Methodology

Acquire the terminology, concepts, and teaching approaches necessary to instruct learners in the four core skills of language study.

ESL Reading and Writing 3 - S

Low-intermediate-level students of English practice reading and writing to improve their grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

ESL Listening and Speaking 4 - S

Students with intermediate-level English ability continue to develop their listening and speaking skills.

ESL Listening and Speaking 6 - S

Students with high-intermediate-level English language ability continue to develop their listening and speaking skills in this course.

Applied Skills 1 - S

This integrated-skills course covers listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English for students with little or no formal English training.

ESL Topics 5/6 - S

This elective course for intermediate-level speakers of English covers various topics that change each semester.

Academic English Intensive

Morning clinics and afternoon workshops are combined to provide a rigorous and rewarding academic English language program.

Grammar Review Crash Course

Come away from this class with a better understanding of grammar and improved confidence in your writing.