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Annie Heminway

Annie Heminway

Adjunct Instructor

Annie Heminway, a French native, is an editor and literary consultant for Canadian publishers and a literary translator. Annie Heminway and Ellen Sowchek translated Eduardo Manet’s The Painters’Lover, published in January 2015. Heminway is the author of twenty self-teaching books including Better Reading French, and in the McGraw-Hill Practice Makes Perfect Collection: French Reading and Comprehension, French Pronouns and Prepositions; The Complete French Grammar, etc.

In 2006, Heminway became Chevalière de L’Ordre des Palmes Académiques, an award given by the French government in recognition of her accomplishments in promoting the study of French language and culture.

Currently Teaching

Fine-Tune Your French Through Film

Improve your knowledge of French by watching contemporary French language films and TV series and then engaging in lively discussions about them.

Inspired by Real Life: Reading and Writing Exofiction in French

Explore French exofiction—a new literary phenomenon similar to biopics that takes inspiration from real-life events—and other...

Finessing Your French Grammar

Gain strategies to help you master French, and practice them with intense drills, engaging class discussions of current topics, and literary excerpts.